Popular Psychic Mediums that Have Channeled the Dead

by Charlie Reese

If we were living in the 1800’s, we would have seen some real psychic work being done. The psychics of the 1800’s were extremely powerful. These psychic mediums were known to speak with the dead and really pull up some interesting facts that would shock the living. In Lily Dale New York, there is a psychic center called, “Lily Dale Assemblies.” Lily Dale is known for its psychic community and way of life daily. Many psychics such as James Van Praagh and John Edward have conducted psychic readings here. It’s also a feature of many hit psychic television programs.

The psychic mediums of the 1800?s did not have a television or an internet connection. Whatever they learned was passed down to them from previous generations. They were the real deal. If you went to a psychic medium during those times, it was because you really wanted to know something about something in your life. The psychic market today is mostly about love and money. Back then, it was mainly about speaking to past relatives that have died and the living would often want to speak to them about certain things.

Psychic mediums in the 1800?s were often known to call up a dead spirit. They would often speak to them about money or something that a deceased widow would want to know. These psychic readings became increasingly popular and are today considered to be the norm of a mediumship reading. The interesting thing is that nobody taught these psychics how to give readings. They were born with a natural gift for helping others to see into the light. It?s amazing how they could just pick up something very specific about the people that they were focused on.

A popular reading for a psychic would be to take a picture and hold it up to their forehead (third eye) and meditate on it. These psychic mediums would then tell the person who was seeking the reading what they saw. Interestingly, the reading would get “spooky.” Some psychic clients chose not to go back to some mediums because the readings were so real and so powerful that they had no idea what would happen.

Psychic mediums like John Edward are also known to shock audiences all across America. His psychic readings have amazed people for years. He is a well seasoned psychic that has stood in front of thousands of people. Psychics like these are what give the psychic industry a booster. These psychics make the psychic industry real.

If you are a person that normally gets psychic readings, then I must tell you to keep an open eye for anything that a psychic reader may tell you. The more you listen, the more you will be able to hear secret messages. It?s interesting that a person would only seek to find something real. The reality of life is to find something meaningful in it. When you look for the mystery in anything, you will find it.

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