Post-Modern Options For Holding Christian Funerals

Funeral rituals and ceremonies are rooted in people’s distinct cultures and beliefs. This is the reason Christian funerals are different from those of Bhuddist’s. Generally, Christians hold a funeral by having the body of the deceased embalmed, prepared it for viewing and then later buried it. The selection of a casket is among the big decisions the bereaving family in Singapore (and for Christians in other parts of the world) will have to make if they choose this standard form of holding a funeral ceremony.

The family of the deceased will choose a casket in the funeral parlour’s showroom. Caskets differ mainly because of the material they are made of. Some are made of pressed wood, others of finished hardwood. Another option for bereaving families are those that are made of metal. The family can expect to shell out seven hundred dollars to 10,000 dollars for their selected casket.

The post-modern funeral, however, allows more options that help families organise a funeral ceremony that is distinct from the standardised and theologically-focused funerals of the past. Although there isn’t a problem if a bereaving family would choose to hold a funeral the traditional way, a few families would appreciate having the freedom to hold ceremony that speaks more about them.

As a result, families can now choose cremation over burial. This option has led to completely new funeral practices— from the cremation of the dead body, the disposal of the ashes, and the designation of a memorial. Some choose to scatter ashes at sea, whilst others mount a plaque on a park bench. This goes without saying that new industries have emerged to help make these rituals feasible.

A Funeral home Singapore company that caters to this segment of population also includes additional services like online funerals. From buying urns and caskets to ordering flowers and memorial cards, to sending obituaries, and even to memorializing the dead, everything can be done online. Through webcast funerals and online tributes that a funeral parlour in Singapore provides, relatives and friends of the deceased who are in distant places can have the chance to participate in the community of the bereaved.

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