Following The Will Of God With The Faith Christian Church

A lot of sinners prayed to God, asking for their salvation. They want to have a comfortable life. They want to sustain their needs. They like to achieve their dreams. Truly, having that kind of goals and ambitions in life are quite attractive. In fact, the Lord Almighty can always give it to you. However, do not get the wrong impression.

You should never waste the life He gives to you. He died on the cross to give you light and hope. Until the day He returns, holds on to it tightly. The Lord is coming. Nobody knows when only His Father in heaven knows about it. By that time, try to prepare yourself. To understand God, visit one of His people. You could go to the Faith Christian church Wichita KS. Aside from this, you could also read the Bible. Share and preach the world to other people. He is coming.

He is coming very soon. Before you store a lot of material things in this world, try to store priceless memories. Those memories that are highly considered as gold in heaven. This is just a temporary world. No matter how much you work hard to attain your dream, you can lose all of those materialistic things in just a blink of an eye.

You only have a short life here on earth. Therefore, do everything you can to attain a passport to heaven. That is right. You need to attain a legitimate passport. That passport is Christ. He is the only way to the paradise. A lot of you might claim that they love Him. However, truly, only a few of you only understand what it truly means.

He is the son of Almighty Creator. Despite with this, He chose to be silent. He chose to take all the burdens and humiliations just to wash your sins. He was tortured like an animal. He was treated like a criminal. Imagine yourself in His shoes. Surely, no one of you would like to suffer His burden. If that is you, you might have plunged the world into internal darkness.

Despite with that, His people never accept Him. In order to reach to your heart, He preferred to die just to give you life. Just like sins, though, His love is contagious. His love can save a thousand life. It could even save the world without a future.

If you think that loving Lord is all about that, your emotions and your feelings are too shallow. As for now, the most effective way of loving Him is by staying away from sins. Truly, in the world today, getting such kind of response might be quite impossible. You see, it is already starting. Almost all people think that committing a sin is normal.

However, due to the fact that it is quite troublesome, you decided to ignore it. A lot of people are doing it after all. Probably, several of you might be thinking the same way. Truly, if you are that kind of person, do not ever think that you can go through in heaven. God loves you. He loves you very much that until now, Jesus Christ is still watching you no matter how many times you lied to Him.

God can feel pain too. He might be too powerful, however, it does not really mean that He cannot feel anything. He feels pain, sadness, and happiness too just like you. Therefore, try not to treat Him as a wishing well. Having such kind of one sided relationship is not love at all. It is just selfishness.

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