Tarot Card Communication

by Charlie Reese

The best way to interpret tarot cards is to combine learned knowledge with instinctual intuition. This is the case whether you are the actual reader or the recipient. If you do not intend to study the tarot, but are interested in taking part in the mystical, magical wonders of its traditions, it is important that you seek out a tarot reader with a reputation for both excellence and accuracy. If you wish to become a reader yourself, focus first on the cards themselves, then practice so you can hone your intuitive skills.

There are many people who interpret tarot cards. Some are serious students with an insatiable thirst for more. One the surface, such people are impressive with their vast knowledge. They may posses great knowledge of tarot card history and legend, and they can even be masters of several different decks. However, if they do not posses the gift of intuition, their knowledge is flat, only interesting at best.

Other people may be highly spiritually attuned, psychics, if you will, but only dabble in tarot. These people will also appear impressive at first meeting. They will be able to zoom into key qualities in your personality and speak with authority about how you are likely to react to certain situation. They will seem to know exactly how you feel about the things in your life. Because they are so insightful and are able to talk freely about tarot cards and their meanings, you may easily assume that they are good readers. Be warned, however, because without an in depth knowledge of the cards, they are likely to miss subtle symbols that just might hold the key to the question at hand during your reading.

Because the ability to intuit is a natural gift, the second kind of person has what it takes to become a master of the tarot. It is up to you and your own intuition then, to decipher the difference.

If you hope to become a reader yourself, consider your ability to “read between the lines,” both literally and figuratively. Do you often see things that others miss? Do you recognize what people really mean when they say something else? And are you a good student? In order to interpret tarot cards accurately, you must love to study and you must consider yourself a student for life.

Clearly, the best way to interpret tarot cards is to find the balance of knowing: the balance between learned knowledge and intuited understanding.

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