Tarot Card Messages

by Charlie Reese

In the huge repertoire of tarot cards, there is a category called print tarot. Print tarot cards are decks with only the outline of the images, no color. Print tarot cards can be found in nearly every style of tarot, though they are more readily available in the more popular decks such as the Ride-Waite or the themed cards such as a feminist deck.

Why would you want a deck of print tarot cards when there are so many beautifully designed sets already full of rich, vibrant color? Put simply, print tarot cards are the most effective way to become familiar with the complex symbolism of the tarot deck. If you think about it, what better way to become intimately involved with the plethora of intricate and subtle details found in each card than to pour yourself over the symbols and initiate them with your own colors.

Carefully coloring your own cards will allow you to see every detail, helping to develop the intuitive insight necessary to fully realize the potential of your cards. The deck you create will be unique. Unlike any other deck, this deck will have your personal stamp on it.

First you need to obtain a set of print tarot cards. You can find them at specialty stores or online. Ideally it is best to find them at specialty stores simply because they are such a personal thing, you will want to see them and touch them before owning them.

Once you have your colorless deck, you are ready to begin the fun part. Using colored pencils begin coloring in the parts. Layer the colors or enhance them with water colors, glitter, or even other mediums such as foil, decorative paper, yarns, beads, etc.

When your deck is completed, you can preserve your work in a couple of ways. You may want to spray each card with a sealer. If you do this, spray on several layers, allowing plenty of time to dry completely between each application. You may also choose to laminate your cards. You can do this at any office supply store for a minimal cost. Another way to preserve your cards is to scan them and then print them on card stock paper. In this case, you would use the printed deck and keep the original deck for display only.

Working with your own deck of cards in such a creative spirit is a great way to make the cards your own – to know them like you know yourself and to saturate the deck with your energy. Print tarot cards are a wonderful version of the many different decks and no two print decks are ever the same.

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