Tarot Cards Can Make a Difference

by Charlie Reese

Learn to read tarot cards and you can be the life of the party! Go ahead, think of it as a fun hobby, take it lightly and enjoy the avenues that open up for you.

You can learn to read tarot cards by either taking an online course or by studying a book on your own. Either way is fairly simple and easily accessible. The key is to not take yourself so seriously that you become bogged down by the plethora of materials out there. You do no harm in taking a light-hearted approach to learning this ancient tool; rather you do yourself a favor by avoiding the intimidation of serious scholars and practitioners.

One good source to use when you first learn to read tarot cards is to begin with the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot. Though its title is somewhat derogatory, the information between the covers is both thorough and user-friendly. In addition, it is full of fun and interesting facts, tips, and exercises. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot begins with the bare basis (though it never implies that you are really an idiot). Even someone already informed on tarot would find its simple language refreshing and interesting. It provides you with key words, word-image associations, and handy tricks to memorize the cards and their meanings.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot summarizes the history and traditions of tarot so that you gain an intimate foundation of background knowledge as easily as you would learn the story of an old friend over a cup of coffee. It is important that you have such a background of knowledge because the symbolism in tarot is rooted in tradition.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot provides a survey of the different decks and various spreads. Skim this part quickly so you can gat an overview of the variations, but not get stuck in trying to master them all. Choose one that stands out to you as more appealing than any of the others. One deck, one spread, that’s all you need to focus on at the beginning.

Once you have identified the deck and spread you want to learn, dig in. get yourself a deck and just start to play with it. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the potentially powerful symbolism. Just familiarize yourself with your new deck. Appreciate the pictures and make associations that will help you memorize the meaning of each card.

Now you are ready to start reading. Remember, for starters, you are only going to work with one spread. Follow the guidelines in the book for the order and placement of the cards and practice on yourself several times. Throughout your learning and practicing process, remember to have fun. Through fun you may become a true believer and move on to a more serious approach to tarot card reading. For starters, however, remember to keep it light because a fun hobby is usually the door to great things.

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