The Amazing Process Of Cosmic Ordering

by Anne-Marie Laureaut

Improving one’s lifestyle is a concern that has affected most of us in these recent times. The quest to lead a fulfilling life and enjoying every moment is perhaps what you have always desired to do. There are many available options that promise you a gratifying life, and one popular concept is that of cosmic ordering.

This is actually a practice that is essentially spiritual, but not quite in the religious sense. The core of this method is that you must have the innate belief in yourself that the universe is capable of providing you with whatever you desire from life. You request for something and you shall receive it. This is not essentially a rather saintly process; you need not be enviably pure in order to receive the good things in life! However, being virtuous is a benefit in all walks of life.

Cosmic ordering, very simply is the spiritual manifestation of your dreams and desires. You can ask for anything from the universe. A change in your life or perhaps a change in situation, which will help you to attain your desired objective.

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer, to place an order with the universe you must be in, what they call the “field of intent.” This is an energy field, that is obviously invisible, but it is where our spirit connects to the universe and then returns conscious desires.

There is a high probability that cosmic ordering is something you have done without knowing that you are doing it. Think of all the times you have really wanted something and the wish has come true. You probably thought it was a coincidence. But actually it was cosmic ordering at work.

However this method depends on your ability to concentrate and the limits of your intention, within which your desires and belief condense. This leads to envisaging a new situation where you must believe that you deserve what you have been asking for, and keep in mind that you must be sincere in your effort of ordering it.

Saying “I want a new car,” or “I want that promotion” and then believing that you shouldn’t get those things because you didn’t earn them, or you didn’t put any effort into getting them will make it so that your order is not fulfilled. If a better life is really what you want, then you have to believe deep down in your soul that you deserve a better life.

Cosmic ordering isn’t really very hard. But of course, like everything else, it has its downsides as well. If you think about and believe in negative things, those things will be manifested.

For example, if you think and believe that you are going to get fired, you probably will. So think positively and focus on what you really want.

Most people have had so many years living in unhappy circumstances and seeing themselves as being ‘undeserving’ that it is impossible for them to manifest what they want.

Sometimes your own subconscious mind works against you and tries to keep things in your life the same as they are now.

For real success at cosmic ordering your subconscious mind needs to be prepared beforehand to accept that it is okay for you to change your life and receive everything you want.

It is not difficult to communicate with your subconscious mind. This can be done with simple affirmations, self hypnosis and meditation.

Countless amounts of people around the world have completely changed their lives using cosmic ordering. Now it is time for you to start to live the life that you really want. Why not give cosmic ordering a chance and have the kind of life you truly deserve.

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