The Most Amazing Psychic Abilities

by Charlie Reese

I am always perplexed when I see a hard working psychic reader give an outstanding psychic reading. Some psychics are reputable for their psychic readings and it is amazing to see that a psychic reader will go all out to make their visions something that most people would only want to marvel at. I am open for psychics taking on the responsibility to give good psychic readings.

I was once listening to a psychic advisor on the radio show and the callers name was Belinda. She asked the psychic advisor for advice and to tell her what was going to happen next in her relationship. The psychic reader told her that she was going to experience a break up with her now boyfriend. Psychic Belinda was not happy about this move. She told the psychic advisor that she was wrong and that they were actually in love and preparing to get married in just 5 months. She said that the wedding plans have already been made.

The psychic did not let this woman change her prediction. She insisted that things between the boyfriend and she were actually bad and that he had another women in his life. She was puzzled and angry at the psychic. The women finally told the psychic that she was hearing from a demonic spirit or something because there was no way possible that her man would cheat on her and break up. She wound up hanging up and she was really mad.

Because I listen to this radio station regularly, I witnessed this same women calling the psychic back just 2 months later. The radio station put her through to show that the psychic’s prediction was indeed true and that there was much to be explained here.

Belinda told the psychic on the air that she was sorry that she had told her that she was hearing from demons and that she was wrong. Belinda now told the psychic that she was dead on accurate. The day that she called was the day that her boyfriend confessed two things to her. He told Belinda that he was indeed cheating on her and that he had to break up with her and think about what he really wanted. He told Belinda that he was not deliberately trying to hurt her, but that he had to find out what he really wanted.

Belinda told the psychic on the air that she never thought in a million years that he would do something like this because he was a church going man and lived a quiet life. However, she told the psychic on the air that she found out from him that he lived a double life and he was ashamed of himself. It was a huge shock that the psychic was able to pick this up when Belinda herself was not even set to receive it.

I’m always amazed when psychics can pick up on things that we ourselves cannot even pick up on. Are they really here to warn us about tragedies that may actually happen to us? In my opinion, the psychic softened the blow for Belinda by telling her in advance. If the psychic did not tell Belinda anything, then I believe Belinda would have felt like she had nobody to turn to when this even actually occurred. She felt a sense of relief when she was speaking to the psychic on the air and it was almost like she believed this psychic was the only person that could help her out with such tragic news. That was probably one of the best psychic readings that I have ever heard in my entire life.

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