Understanding Sheitel Wigs

Sheitels are wigs which some Orthodox Jewish married women opt to wear to be able to conform with their faith. Jewish law requires married women to hide their hair – usually with a hat, a headscarf or a wig. Nowadays there are a wide variety of styles of wigs which women can select from which assists them to follow their faith whilst still remaining fashionable and up to date.

Married women can pick a wig which is virtually identical to their unique natural hair. You may wonder why women would want to replicate their natural hair when they are supposed to cover the real thing. The notion of tzniut isn’t that women cannot be fashionable or should not be seen, but that they must be modest in their conduct, and certain aspects – one being their natural hair – are only meant to be shared with their husband.

Sheitel wigs should only be made from Kosher certified wigs, which are manufactured with rabbinic supervision verifying that no hair from India has been utilised. Sheitels can be manufactured from hair from all varieties of regions of the world, such as European hair, Chinese or Mongolian hair. Different countries can produce a different texture of hair, therefore the lady acquiring the wig can choose the sort of hair she’d prefer.

The price tag on Sheitel wigs can differ enormously, according to the quality of the wig. Many companies supply a service whereby women can sell their wig after a period of time, perhaps if they fancy a change of style. Often women have an array of wigs that they can wear for different occasions in order to change their look whenever desired.

Wigs are much much more comfortable for the user than they have been in the past. Human hair wigs look and feel for the wearer as natural as her real hair. The selection of style, length and colour of the hair ensure Jewish women can continue to keep up with the most up-to-date fashion, whilst still conforming to the religion they believe in.

To find out more about Sheitels you could drop in at the Senator Crown website where you can learn more about the services they offer including providing Sheitel wigs.

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