A Few Tips About How To Make Moonshine

If you would like to make your own whiskey, please be aware of the fact that this is actually illegal, at least without obtaining a special license. The fact that it was illegal to make it was the reason this whole procedure usually took place far up in the hills, under the moon light. That’s how it got it’s name. So, you can now learn how to make moonshine.

The most commonly used grain for this particular purpose is corn. It is used for preparing moonshine mash, the mixture of water, grain cornmeal and yeast. So, you will need 5 lb of grain cornmeal and water each, one or more cubes of yeast and some malt extract, if you like.

You will need a stove, where you can precisely adjust the temperature, stainless steel pot, a wooden spoon, and a thermometer. Warm water to between 120 and 145 degrees F, and then slowly add corn grain stirring occasionally. Then slowly add the sugar. Stir for about half an hour. Soon, the mass in the pot will become more dense and homogeneous.

Remove the pot and leave everything to cool. Combine the yeast with some water, and add it to your mixture. Now it’s time to add some malt extract, if you choose to do so. Mix it all together and transfer the contents into a larger, ceramic, plastic or glass made bowl. Cover everything with a piece of cotton, or simply use your old white T-shirt.

After a while, on the top of the mix you will see the foam forming. It will continue growing for a few days. Once this growth process stops, the mixture is ready for the next step. It will probably take somewhere between ten and fourteen days. Now you should strain everything into your distillation pot made out of stainless steel, never of aluminum.

If you are planning to buy a distillation pot, select those produced in New Zealand, because they are the best. In this country is allowed to produce home made alcohol, and it is possible to obtain high-quality equipment. You can make a distillation pot using a pressure cooker, if you are sufficiently proficient. However, quality equipment is a better option, for safety reasons.

Adjust your cooker on 177 degrees F. Precision is important here, because this is the boiling point of grain alcohol. Some other compounds will become steam on lower temperatures, for example, dangerous methanol. You must discard any liquid that comes out before the desired temperature of the mixture is achieved, because this liquid is poisonous and dangerous for your health. After that, the alcohol will turn into ethanol steam, travel through the copper tube and come out as moonshine.

After all methanol is discarded, it’s time to start collecting your whiskey. It will have extremely high concentration of alcohol, over 90 percent, and it should be diluted with water before consuming, to obtain somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of alcohol. Experienced distillers prefer storing this liquid in small oak barrels, because this gives it specific aroma and color.

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