Long Island Tick Control: 4 Facts Regarding Bullet Ants

East end tick control companies understand the importance of pest control, especially with the number of insects that exist today. What you may not know is that some are more harmful than others. One of the best examples of this is the bullet ant, which is nothing short of a dangerous species. If you’d like to learn more about bullet ants in general, here are 4 things that are likely to turn some heads.

Bullet ants, for those not in the know, are largely located in the Southern Hemisphere. To be more exact, they are common in Central and South America, living within rainforests especially. Even with this information in mind, you should know that bullet ants can travel north, which is why you should keep companies such as Alternative Earthcare on standby. After all, you may never know when you’ll need to consult a specialist.

Bullet ants are among the largest ants in the world, too. Long Island tick control specialists will tell you, and accurately so, that they grow up to be 3 centimeters. This is quite large, given what we know about ants in the general sense. What this means is that bullet ants will be easy to detect with the human eye. One can argue that this is something of a prelude to the collective negative impact that these insects can have.

It seems like bullet ants are, by and large, relatively independent. Their colonies aren’t very large, but the members play their own roles. For example, the worker ants are not only known for putting in the legwork, but guarding the colonies themselves. It’s also worth noting that colonies can get into conflicts with one another. This is an interesting fact that goes into detail about how these creatures interact when in nature.

Many people know about bullet ants because of their venom, but its severity is largely unknown. First of all, when bullet ants bite, their venom moves into the body, creating an immense sensation of pain. It’s comparable to a gunshot, as far as sheer agony is concerned. Secondly, the pain can last for several hours, which is nothing short of bad news for those that can’t tolerate pain well. This may be where medical help is administered.

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