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Every branch of a typical people expertise or science needs to create its own lingo modified to fit its needs for contact and jargon the medical terminology has the purpose of expressing in precise terms the sophisticated concepts and ideas of the world of the medicine.

Every phrase must possess a meaning only accepted by the scientific society, facilitating, this way, the knowledge exchange on a global scale.The medical terminology is very important because it serves to know the terms used in medicine, sciences of the health, and for when we express to ourselves to do it with clarity, using the suitable terms of a correct form and it help to communicate with the medical professionals of the health, with whom we will have a relation adapted in the future.

The clear communication is essential in the clinical medicine, odontology and sciences of the health; to be able to show with clarity what comes about in our organism it is normal or uncommon had a big number of terms that tried to be checked, the reception and constant training is achieved across methodical understanding of the root of the words.

Lots of the medical terms derive from the Latin and from the Greek, 66 % of the medical terms are Greek origin, the Greeks were the founders of the Rational Medicine in the Golden Age of their civilization (500 years BC). The schools of Hippocrates formulated theorems that dominated the practice of the medicine until the 18th century; also, the Greek is a language that facilitates the formulation of new terms. That’s why, the medical language can turn out to be initially little complex, however when we learned the basic principles of the medical terms, we will learn clearly.

The medical terms usually are formed of root, which is the simple main part of the term, complemented with prefixes and suffixes derived from the languages Greek or Latin, most of terms are a mixture of words that describe parts of body, function or condition.A training course of medical terminology can help us to comprehend better the doctors, know on the medical terminology of common use can be useful at the time of being present at the medical appointments and becoming familiar with our sicknesses or directions or assisting others and if we are students of medicine, allow us to have the mandatory bases to unroll us correctly inside our career, understood the medical terminology, the student will be competent at thoughts with more properties about medical terms.

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