The Super Gas Saver Under The Microscope!

by Dr. Ronald Ernest

50,000 American households are talking and buzzing about itand all the hype is TRUE beyond doubt. Water-for-fuel technology is the BEST answer to your plea – “Improve my gas mileage NOW!”

This system saves you loads of hard-earned dollars, improve my gas mileage, and it’s PERFECTLY safe to use (and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist!). What more could you ask for?!

BUT whenever something as earth-shattering as this one befalls us, MYRIADS of doubts and questions arise. And one of the frequently asked questions is – “What are the ins and outs behind this water-for-fuel system?”

And asking that question is perfectly understandable.

Of course, before you dive inyou want to have a concrete idea of how this money-saving and mileage-increasing technology works.

And that’s precisely what I’ll give you – ideas that let you see through the water-for-fuel system giving you a better understanding how this small gizmo would save your bank account from being sucked dry by the constant oil price hikes and boost up your vehicle’s fuel economy as well.

Improve My Gas Mileage NOW Fact 1 – A Step You Can’t Afford To Skip

Your car, when it was released from the manufacturing site, is designed to be powered ONLY by ordinary gasoline.

So what’s the first step to get your car running with water?

Two words – convert it! Now it doesn’t mean your car’s parts and working systems would be replaced. HOWEVER, your car will be optimized to run and be powered both by ordinary gasoline and water.

That provides you extra safety as in the event of your water-for-fuel gizmo breaks (which ALMOST never happens), going for ordinary fuel to get your car on the road is a snap.

Improve My Gas Mileage NOW Fact 2 – The Reliable ‘Ingredient’

You want your water-for-fuel system to last as long as it can. Needless to say, you want it to be built on top-quality and VERY durable materials.

In light of that, I give using CPCVC pipes a thumbs up. The same pipes have been proven to be strong enough to take heavy punishment against different elements, which is why it’s a favorite when constructing buildings, furniture, etc.

They will serve as electrodes that isolate the hydrogen and oxygen from the water you’ll input. Later on, you’ll see how important it is to do so.

Improve My Gas Mileage NOW Fact 3 – The Key Process

If there’s one process you need to understand to get your car running on water that would be water electrolysis. It will get your car jam-packed with HHO (known as Brown’s Gas) which is 300% as powerful as the more costly gasoline you see in the stations.

Through your car’s battery, the water component is split to its smallest structures, and the hydrogen is delivered to your car’s combustion chamber.

Right there, it will be used to generate combustion and that will ultimately get your car up and running on the road.

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