Types of Astronomy Telescopes

by Gary Pearson

You will find many kinds of telescopes used for astronomy nowadays. It is a big investment if you are going to purchase a telescope to peruse astronomy as a hobby at home. You can spend some high-quality time together as well as teach a new subject to your children with the help of an astronomy telescope.

It is a good idea to learn more about the features of the telescope before you purchase as it will help you understand the telescope better. In fact the astronomy telescope is available in three key kinds.

Refractor telescope is the first category of astronomy telescope. This has an optical system that employs a number of glass lenses to refract or bend the light from an entity which is at a distance. It can be magnified to some extend by focusing on the object. It is also known as Galilean refractor as it was made popular in the 17th century by Galileo himself. It is a historical telescope with an old aspect in the design; it is use even today and gives good results.

Next, there is an astronomy telescope called a reflector. Reflector telescopes use an optical system that incorporates a primary mirror to reflect the light from a distant object such that it can be focused to a point and magnified by an eyepiece. This style of telescope was popularized by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century; it is sometimes referred to as a Newtonian reflector.

Maksutov-Cassegrain astronomy telescope is the other type of telescope. It is designed to use a spherical shaped curved front lens facet in combination with a main mirror which is also curved in the same way. You can see extremely sharp imagery because of this combination in a compressed folded-light path enclosure. The focal length is much longer than the real optical tube body span when viewed through this optical system.

You will be able to make the correct choice as per your requirement as well as budget if you are aware of how the telescopes are styled. You will also be able to assess the astronomy telescopes which are available in the market.

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