Author Platform, the New Age Soapbox

So you have finally finished your precious manuscript, edited it, run over it with a fine-toothed comb, and put every fibre of your being into making it a masterpiece.But, no one will publish it. Why? Your novel is fascinating, your structure is sound, and your style is enhanced. What more do agents and publishers want?

Well, the buzzword lately in the world of publishing seems to be ‘platform’. The author platform.

Nearly all established authors have a platform. Most new writers have one. Even the publishing team themselves have them. So what can it do for you and why is it so important? Its important because its the way you can elevate yourself to get noticed in a busy world. It is a way of establishing yourself as a sort of authority in your niche area.

By working on a particular idea, you become somewhat of an authority in your niche. Think of it as a soapbox in the modern age. You let the world know what you’re all about, and if they like what they see you become well known for what you provide.This can be done mostly through electronic resources such as composing a weblog, creating a Facebook page or a web page dedicated to your topic.

A friend of mine is an example. She is writing her first novel and knows that she has no hope of being noticed by a publisher, simply because she has no prior experience – she is an ‘unknown’. She has come to realise that she needs to prop herself up on a platform.

So, to overcome this problem she is creating herself an author platform.

She is a medical expert by trade, and the central idea to her book revolves around mental illness. She has therefore set herself up on a web page which is dedicated to mental illnesses. She blogs about all kinds of topics appropriate to mental illness, and has reached out to the community affected by the disease. Many of these people follow her blog regularly, and have ‘gotten to know’ her, and what she is about. She has now began to market her novel (which isn’t yet complete) on her blog, and through her website.Those who are passionate about the topic and follow her are already showing interest in purchasing this book when it is finished.

So now when she takes her finished manuscript to a publisher, along with a list of potential customers, the risk of the publisher taking her on is reduced and her work suddenly becomes so much more appealing to them!

If you would like to learn more about creating an author platform or even novel writing go to Unique version for reprint here: Author Platform, the New Age Soapbox.

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