4 App-Related Factoids From Mobile App Developers

We have had smartphones for a number of years, so it’s easy to see that they have become integral parts of our lives. They are used for a number of purposes, ranging from communication to entertainment, and these purposes are often fulfilled by apps. These programs are commonplace, but how much do you actually know about them? Here are 4 things that you may not be aware of, but mobile app development companies can stun you with.

The earliest mobile apps date back to the 1980s, believe it or not. For proof of this, all you have to do is look at the Psion Organiser, which was a PDA-type tool created by Psion, a computer company in London. Anyway, the Psion Organiser was revolutionary for its time, as it included tools like an agenda, contact list, and text editor. It’s an interesting piece of history and one of the many examples of early mobile applications.

Did you know that the average person in the United States accesses around 27 apps per month? Keep in mind that these programs run the gamut from entertainment to communication, meaning that there’s no shortage of variety. Of course, some people will have more apps than others, depending on how much they rely on their mobile devices. However, this statistic speaks volumes about how commonly used these devices are.

When discussing the most popular mobile app marketplaces, Apple’s App Store will rank number one for many. If you want to discuss the specifics of said store, the likes of Lounge Lizard will be able to oblige. For example, did you know that the App Store exceeds more than 2.2 million separate applications? What’s even more shocking is that it has amassed more than 140 billion downloads. Such details are just a few that aspiring mobile app developers should be aware of.

Finally, smartphones are increasing in terms of Internet usage. As a matter of fact, you may not know that 80 percent of people online use their smartphones in order to access the Internet at large. Not only does this speak volumes about how often people are on the move, but the growing nature of smartphones from a popularity standpoint. Needless to say, these devices aren’t slowing down and they won’t anytime soon.

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