Alcohawk: The Master in Alcohol Detection

There are two fundamental principles behind Alcohawk breathalyzers. They are the “platinum fuel cell” and the “semi-conductor” principles. As such, there are also two types of analysers, the platinum fuel analyser and the semi-conductor analyser. These two distinct types of alcohol detectors are know and used on a daily basis with extraordinary results.

Both platinum fuel cells and semiconductor version of breathalysers exist. Each one employs a different principle; the platinum fuel cell principle or the semiconductor principle. If you’re inebriated, either can be your best friend or worst enemy. They both have outstanding track records in accuracy.

What principle do Alcohawk breathalysers use? The platinum fuel cell principle. Detecting blood alcohol level requires you to blow into the device as hard as you can for a number of seconds. As the air goes through the device’s chamber it makes contact with a set of platinum electrodes. This results in a build up of oxidation. If there is alcohol in the breath the oxidation will make an electric current. There’s the secret. The more alcohol, the more current that gets produced. And its that current that is measurable. It this simple, but complicated, science that make the Alcohawk such a masterful device. With it, detecting alcohol levels is speedy, simple, and extremely accurate

The semiconductor technique is almost similar to the fuel analyser principle except for the detected substances. Semiconductor breathalyzers normally detect an extensive number of substances including ketones, smoke and gasoline particles. The extensive list of substances creates test performance complications and limits the usefulness of the alcohol breath test.

Since Alcohawk breathalyzers use the platinum fuel cell principle, it is one of the most used alcohol detectors on the market. It has personal and professional applications and is used widely by a number of law enforcement agencies around the world. Surveys have shown that Alcohawk breathalyzer are the first choice for authorities because of its precision and reliability.

Claims arise now and again regarding the accuracy of blood alcohol analyzers in general. However, the science is sound. Alcohawk breathalyzers test accurately every time! Each test performed using the platinum fuel cell based breathalysers have always been proven accurate. Results have been onerously compared by professionals. The laboratory results find the platinum fuel cell method is unsurpassed. It is quick and accurate, and it’s super easy to administer.

How does this device benefit others? Most obviously, by preventing inebriated drivers from getting behind the wheel, and in turn preventing accidents. It can help you make a decision on whether to accept a ride home from someone who has been drinking. It can save you from the legal complications of a DUI or worse. The Alcohawk breathalyser can also help you determine how much alcohol you’re drinking and deter future use and curb the habit before it becomes un-curbable.

Need I say more? Alcohol blood analyzers are a good idea and the undeniable quality of the Alcohawk breathalyser makes it a must have! It continues to be rigorously tested and improved and is used worldwide. The device is acclaimed for its accuracy and effectiveness.

Want to find out more about Alcohawk Breathalyzers, then visit Amy Little’s site on how to choose the best Alcohawk Pro for your needs.

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