Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator and Run Your Car With Water

by Matthew Loop

With knowledge at the tip of our fingers today, there are a couple websites you can go to online to get blueprints for building your own hydrogen generator that creates HHO gas (Brown ‘s gas) out of water that can then be used to run your car on water. Now don’t let this fool you! The car actually is a hybrid that runs on water and gas.

I spent time scouring the internet for blueprints to make my own generator, and I found one set of excellent, professional blueprints-and several others that were made by individuals in an ‘experimental’ manner. These were much harder for a beginner to comprehend, and lacked some important information for integrating the generator into your existing vehicle’s system.

Be careful, look around, so you can get “tested” plans to build your own fuel cell hydrogen generator. Consider the fact that it might be a great idea idea to invest in a set that relate precisely to the specific workings of your car or truck.

Once you’ve got your blueprints, you need to head to the local hardware store where you can pick up your supplies for less than $99. Within a couple hours you will be able to have it up and running. Pay attention to how quickly your fuel efficiency goes up. Some people have reported up to 75% increase in efficiency, while most report between 25-40%.

Quick lesson. HHO gas is made by electrolysis and is well-known and has been proven science for roughly a hundred years. Thousands of “average Joes” globally have used hydrogen (HHO) generators to run their cars with water for the past 30 years. Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe, this is not some scam cooked up in response to the recent high gas prices.

Let’s get something very clear like I mentioned before. You don’t run your car with water (H20) single-handedly. The HHO fuel is used in conjunction with the gasoline you already use. Once the two are fused, the mixture burns much more easily than gas by itself. Hence, signficantly increasing the fuel-efficiency and total engine performance.

Here’s the reality. You can save truckloads of money at the gas-pump. The dirty secret is that major oil conglomerates and a tax-hungry government don’t want you using less fuel, especially if they’re not reaping financial rewards off of the commodity. These water fuel cell conversion kits cannot be suppressed anymore because of the global knowledge reach of the internet.

Thankfully, the internet is providing people with access to information and tools they never had before. We live in a time period where you can take control of your own energy use and spending. Take advantage of free knowledge and make your own fuel!

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