Can You Watch TV On Your Computer? The Truth Behind It All

by Rashel Dan

The big answer to your question on Can you watch TV on your computer? is finally a resounding yes. Of course, there may have been a time when you could download movies and TV shows, or even watch streaming video clips from a site such as YouTube. But TV on the PC is something totally different and definitely revolutionary.

Is This For Real?

Recently many of you have probably read about how you can watch TV on your PC for free. You have probably come across all sorts of phony ads that tell you that this is possible with all sorts of software and hardware adjustments to your computer. But today, you can rest assured that this is no longer a technology that should be scoffed at.

The truth is, with all the latest technology developments, you can watch TV on your PC with unlimited access to it as long as you have a decent Internet connection. In other words, it’s just as real as the cable service that you pay for watch month; and it’s a whole lot better.

So It’s Like Streaming?

In a sense, yes. You are streaming television signals into your laptop or your computer. However, most streaming deals with files that are already uploaded on some server that allows users to pull down the content to watch. This means it’s not as live as you may think it is. With satellite to computer technology, you can watch live TV on your computer and although it’s being streamed, it’s very different in the sense that you are watching television just as you would off of cable.

What Do I Need To Run This?

An Internet Connection – It used to be that you need a television, a cable, and a provider who will stream television into your set probably parked in your living room or bedroom. But now, all that has changed. Can you watch TV on your computer? Yes, and a computer with Internet access is all you need. Computers these days are capable of so much and television is now just a feature that can be added to your set of computer programs. With a decent Internet connection and the right software, you can begin to watch satellite television and simultaneously surf the Internet. How cool is that?

What’s The Difference From Regular Television?

Channels – Not only is television on your PC different from regular television; it’s different from all kinds of cable provided television. Think about this: after installing satellite television on your PC, you can enjoy up to 3000 channels! That’s television from all around the world and at just a portion of the cable TV price. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any monthly bills to enjoy this service. You just pay the one-time installation fee and you virtually have free television for the rest of your life.

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