Discovering Where To Get Zune Video Downloads

by Rashel Dan

Perhaps the most sensitive and hard to find files on the Internet aside from copyrighted music are copyrighted Zune video downloads. But the Zune was built to view videos and movies and this is exactly the kind of content that people want to download off of the Internet for free and legally. Not that it’s difficult to find videos for the Zune. In fact, there are many legal sources that will allow for the download of videos and other files. The trick is looking for them.

Download Sites

Internet – The first and most obvious place to look is on the Internet. However, you must be mindful of which ones are legal and which ones are offering you stolen property. Piracy is a very sensitive issue especially when it comes to video and movies. There are a couple of sites that will allow you to get Zune video downloads for free.

One site offers millions of different files available for download for free and for a fee. Now free does not mean that there is no monthly or lifetime membership. Basically what you are paying for is access and it can cost you about $40 for an unlimited plan. You will then be able to download all the videos and movies that you want for the rest of your life!

Limitless Downloads – Need access to more than just music and movies? There is a site just for you. Like most other sites that offer unlimited download for a lifetime fee, there is one catch. You may have to pay a little extra to unlock all the movies that you want to download for a lifetime. However, the fee is minimal and is only a one time deal.

Rip It

Software – The other way to get video into your Zune is to rip or convert it. Ripping involves having software that is able to copy the contents of a DVD and converting it into a format that is playable on the Zune device. There are many software packages available online that can do this and they are not for free but they are worth every penny.

The Format – You can also rip video in FLV or flash-movie format. Still there is still a process that needs you to use software to first rip it and then convert it so that the file can be viewable on your Zune player.

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