Earlier Models of Phones and PDAs

by Seymour Bronson

Are you sick and tired of lugging around an appointment book, a cell phone and a laptop just to stay connected with work and friends? Are you tired of forgetting important appointments and not being able to communicate on the fly? Then perhaps there is an answer to your communication and scheduling dilemma. You may need to look into purchasing a pocket PC Smartphone to help you manage your busy schedule.

The invention of the pocket PC Smartphone is nothing new. It has been around for quite some time in the form of PalmOs and Blackberry. However, more companies are joining in on the race to create a versatile phone that can run all of the applications that are needed by the user. You can thank Apple’s iPhone for prodding more companies into creating Smartphones.

So why use a Smartphone or a palm pocket pc? Well for starters, they are incredibly versatile.

What can you expect from a Smartphone? You can expect PC software such as Outlook, Word and even Excel as applications. This means that you can open and edit documents while on the go. That is a huge plus factor over earlier models of phones and PDAs. Most new Smartphones, like the iPhone, have added music players, text messaging, cameras and even voice recorders, as a way to entice new customers into making the jump from Apple to other manufacturers, such as Nokia and Motorola.

The iPhone is an expensive piece of technology that you may find works to your advantage.

Most phones prior to 2008 were running on Windows Mobile 5, but with the debut of Windows Mobile 6, more applications have opened up for use and there is more processor speed behind these small cell phones. The iPAQ Pocket PC is a prime example of faster running speed, but lacks the communication power of the iPhone. The iPhone has definitely set the standard for cell phones!

It does have a lot of great capabilities, but there still is the hefty price tag attached to it. How expensive? Try a whopping $399 that does not include any discounts. If you are in the market and have decided to purchase a pocket PC Smartphone or any pocket PCs for that matter, then the best thing you can do is shop around. You may be able to find a great one by signing up with a cellular provider that can offer you a discount in exchange for a new contract.

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