Enjoying Your Favorite Zune Movie

by Rashel Dan

Now that you have your new Zune, you can start to enjoy content like your favorite Zune movie. The Zune is a multimedia device that will allow you to play all sorts of files like music, images, some special software, and movies.

It’s easy. Put the movies into your Zune as well, as long as they are of the right size and the right format for the player to be able to play them. This means that your movies should be in MPEG4, MOV, or WMV formats. They should also be in a size equal to the size of the screen of your Zune which is 240×320 pixels.

Where Can I Get Videos?

Zune Sites – The Zune is something unique in a sense that Microsoft has allowed users to get all sorts of content off of a special site as well. Microsoft has provided its users with a site specifically designed to help users build communities and share content within those communities. The content is specifically for the Zune player device. This means that you can get videos from friends and community members on the site. Of course, if you want to watch a Zune movie, there are monthly subscription sites and some third-party sites that offer Zune content. There are also some sites that give the content for free but they are not too dependable.

Cheap – The great thing about these sites is that you only have to pay a one-time fee. Paying that fee gives you the privilege of downloading Zune content for a lifetime! Other sites will allow you the same privilege on a monthly basis which is still good especially if the movie that you want can’t be found on other sites.

I Want My DVD Collection On Zune

Convert Videos – Microsoft packs the Zune with a converter that will allow you to bring your whole CD collection into your Zune. However, they do not pack software that can be used to convert videos. But there is software that you can get on the Internet for free.

This software is a converter that will allow you to convert your DVDs into a playable format for your Zune! All you have to do is stick the DVD into your compatible drive on your computer and with a few clicks and settings on the software you can convert your favorite movies into a format best for the Zune player.

Sync It – Once you have the converted file, you just have to rename it and place it in the folder that your Zune recognizes as the place on your computer where it should sync all movie files. Then you can show off all your movies to your friends.

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