Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wireless USB Charger

What are these new chargers appearing in the market nowadays? Those devices that have a power transmission pad] that you attach to a charger to make refilling your device’s battery wireless.

It is a combined USB wireless charger. What is that, then? More like a universal charger that features USB ports for those devices that have USB adapters for their chargers and those devices that are Qi tech inductive power standard enabled.

QI technology is a new interface standard developed to transfer electrical power through induction up to a maximum of 4 centimeters. The Qi inductive power transfer system consists of a compatible receiver to be paired with a power transmission pad.

When the Qi-enabled device is placed on the transmission pad, the battery is charged through resonant inductive coupling.

Now, you find in the market this new charger type that combines the two kinds of charging device into a USB wireless charger type.

The next thing to consider is the specifications. Average power output is rather low at 5 volts, but this is understandable given the other features of the wireless charger. Chargers with higher power output can fill up your devices much faster.

So what is so good about this so-called Qi technology other than being a new toy for tech savvy individuals today? Here are a few comparisons on the features that were combined in the USB wireless charger:

You will now have an option to plug your USB wires of your devices to the charger. There are four ports, two for each power output setting. With these ports, you can charge two mobiles and two tablets. Now you still have the Qi standard feature.

Devices usually have a USB port dedicated to docking the USB charger’s wires. These ports can get damaged through use and would require replacement. With the new Qi technology, the only time you’re going to need to dock that connector wire is when you’re transferring files to a non-Bluetooth enabled device.

With many of the devices used with these chargers being part of a person’s default electronic arsenal, they are often charged either during the night or every morning before leaving the house. Without having to worry about tripping the wires that connect the USB wireless charger, phones can be picked up in a hurry without disrupting anything.

Amazingly, all five devices can be charged at the same time without compromising the charging time required to fill their batteries. The charger is also equipped with safety features to ensure that parallel charging will not damage your devices.

These are just several of the factors you have to look into when buying a wireless USB charger, but these should help you start picking your own wireless charger already. For starters, you can try Vority Ki+4, the first combined 4-usb-port and wireless charger, as it performs well on these criteria.

Johny Jacson is an expert charger. To find out everything about the Vority Combined Qi-Standard Wireless, visit his web site at Vority Combined Qi-Standard Wireless.

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