Must Have Tips for Reservationless Conference Calls

by J. Falk

Teleconferencing via a reservationless conference call is a cheap and effective way to connect a group of people without having to get them all in the same room. By using a reservationless conference system is it possible to set up a call with very little notice, sometimes immediately. The current rate for reservationless conferencing is about $0.10 per minute.

Upon registering with a conferencing provider you’ll receive a telephone number and access code which will get you connected to the correct call bridge and your other call participants. Make sure to give these numbers out to all of the people who will be participating in the call before the scheduled start time.

Since most conference call systems are fully automated, about the only equipment you would need is a telephone.

Service providers offering free conference calls do exist, but by using these services you often incur long distance charges where others offer a toll-free call in number. Depending on your long distance plan and carrier this may or may not be the better deal. Hidden fees are definitely something to look for when choosing a conference calling provider.

Ease use, the increase in remote employees and the fact that there is no special equipment to buy are all factors in the increase in popularity of the reservationless conferencing system. More and more businesses discover this model everyday and some are even beginning to use reservationless conference calling as their primary teleconferencing solution. Able to connect people from anywhere in the world, reservationless conference calls are fast becoming the worlds premiere cheap conferencing tool.

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