Salient Facts Regarding Calibrating Equipment & Calibration

Calibration services are something that thousands of companies need every year. The act of calibrating ensures that many different types of machinery and devices are functioning exactly as they should. These devices include everything from large pieces of production equipment to automobiles as well as optical devices and much more.

During the calibration process, a technician will use one device as a standard measurement and the test a device using this standard. The goal is that the device being tested will match or align exactly with the standard. If this does not occur, it will be necessary to adjust or perhaps even repair the device in order to have everything come into alignment.

Keeping a person on staff to provide calibration services typically is too costly for most companies and, in many cases, an independent contractor is required. Thus, you will find that most calibration services are outsourced rather than completed in house. These calibration services companies provide the proper calibration equipment and also often are authorized to make repairs, retest and then provide certification for various equipment or devices.

It might be surprising to note that there are all sorts of calibration equipment being used today just as there are all sorts of devices that need calibration. One category, for instance, includes electrical calibration equipment. These devices range from electrical standards to electrical calibrators to bench multimeters and more. Power calibrators and oscilloscope calibrators also fall into the category of electrical calibrators.

For a concrete and easily understood example of the importance of calibration equipment and calibration services, let’s consider the category of temperature calibration. Food companies are required to safely heat or cool and freeze many of their products. What would happen if this heating or cooling equipment was not calibrate or inaccurate? Many people could get sick and food might be unsafe. Without hiring a calibration services company to use devices such as calibration baths or other tools, a food company could not ensure safety.

Temperature calibration and electrical calibration are just two types of calibration services available for companies. RF calibration, pressure calibration and flow calibration are a few other examples. Each type is important to many industries and calibration services providers should be well-trained on many different pieces of equipment, from multifunction calibrators to loop calibrators, as well as learning how to use calibration software.

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