Smartphone – Making and Receiving Calls

by Seymour Bronson

Technology moves at an incredible pace.

Back in the day, the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC 3835 was the ultimate in technology. It contained pc software that was similar to many applications running on desktop and laptop computers, but instead in a more portable device. The hand held device featured 64 MB RAM and 32 MB ROM, and featured a 240 x 320 color screen that was far superior to many other models of the time. It certainly was more than the Palm had to offer, but it only got better.

The 3835 had the fastest StrongARM processor at 206 MHz and featured an expansion slot for additional capabilities to add software and hardware. It was a great palm pocket pc to own and use, but along came Hewlett-Packard’s buy out of Compaq and suddenly a new world of possibilities opened up. The 3900 series models featured a faster XScale processor and offered more available features and programming.

The biggest turn for Compaq/HP has come in the way of the pocket pc Smartphone.

Alas, technology never stays stagnant and time has shown this methodically. The Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC 3835 was eclipsed by the newcomer, the 3900 series. The 3900 series featured all of the same wonderful items as the 3835, but offered more memory and faster processing speeds. Even now, the 3900 series is becoming obsolete as new products are making their debut. Whatever model you are looking at, you can count on the fact that a new model will be around the bend just as soon as you make that purchase.

This Smartphone is a great blend of the cell phone and pocket pc. As other companies have shown, more people want to combine their pocket PCs and their capabilities of making and receiving calls and turn it all into one amazing pocket pc phone. This does not even factor in the added advantages of getting a camcorder and camera, plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Technology moves at an increasingly rapid pace. A brand new computer built in 2007 is considered obsolete or slow by January of 2008. It is this rapid advancement in technology that keeps us on our toes and keeps us reaching for the next best gadget to buy. One of the most popular technological gadgets of our time has been the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC.

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