A Computer In Your Pocket: A Guide To Finding The Best Smart Phones

Today with the technical marketplace many people are switching from laptops to smaller hand held devices for their basic internet access and tasks. These devices such as the best smart phones offer most of the capabilities of a laptop in a smaller package. To make the move though you should look at some points before you buy one.

The modern smart phone allows several needed and desired features to be in one easy to use device. This device on one side allows to take pictures, surf the internet and text friends. For work you can use the same device to read email, record notes and put an appointment on your web based calendar. That is why the sales of these machines in increasing yearly as people use them as their main personal organizer.

This is combined with several companies that have created operating systems especially for cell phones. The two that people are most aware of is the iOS operating system that is on the iPhone and Android which Google has provided for many cell phone makers. Blackberry has on its system the Blackberry operating system and Windows Mobile is the version Microsoft offers.

When shopping for the phone first look at the features of the phone and compare it to others that you want to buy. Two baselines to use are processor speed and camera resolution. The better phones on average have a 1 ghz processor as the brains of the unit. Camera resolution for these units starts at 5 megapixels and goes up.

Battery size and screen size are two other points to compare and contract when choosing phone. With both the longer the battery life and the bigger the screen size the more options you will have with the device. Check both and add that in with the other points in helping you make your decision.

After market parts and accessories are the next item to look at when buying a phone. Do a search on your model of phone and add accessories to the end to create a list. How many places provide both components and accessories for your phone. How many of those parts and items can you get through a local store or company. The ability to get a battery or a headset easily may make a older choice a better option than a newer phone.

Then consider how you are going to use the phone and the plans that are available through various providers. If you are into web videos and pictures you will have different requirements than a person who just needs to check their email and use their Google calendar. So shopping around may show that one provider has better options with data, phone minutes or other features. On top of that looking at the ratings on technical support after purchase will provide you with knowledge of what to expect if you have problems with the phone.

The options you have with the best smart phones is increasing quickly as more individuals decide to make these part of their toolkit. They can leverage what you have with your internet accounts and stand in or replace several tools you now have. Taking an educated look, comparing your choices and then picking the best option for you will give you the freedom and flexibility of being able to take it with you.

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