Prepaid Cellular Phone Plan: It’s Pros and Cons

by Alice Sy

A prepaid cellular phone plan is similar to other kinds of phone plans available in the market. The main difference is the manner of paying the bills. In a post paid plan, you can use the phone service before you pay for your consumption. In a prepaid plan, on the other hand, you get to pay ahead and then use the phone service.

Many consumers on a tight budget go for a prepaid cellular phone plan. This is practically due to the fact that a prepaid cellular phone plan saves money and limits credit by setting a limit to how much a consumer can spend or use.

How is this going to help a person with a small budget? The prepaid cellular phone plan doesn’t let the consumer exceed the limits of his paid plan. Once he consumes all of his prepaid credit, he can no longer use the phone services. This has a huge effect on the discipline and spending willpower of the consumer.

The prepaid cellular phone plan is easier on the wallet and is also free of hassles. In addition, prepaid plans require no commitment to consumers unlike in post paid plans. The consumer is not required to pay a set amount of cash in set time intervals unlike in post paid plans. Instead, the consumer only pays how much he plans to use. Post paid plans have penalties wherein the consumer has to pay when a consumer fails to meet the terms of the contract. Prepaid plans, on the other hand, have no contracts and no financial obligations.

For others, you enjoy a prepaid cellular phone plan service base on the amount of calling card you purchased, like $25. When you used up the time, you phone will simply stop the call and you have to buy for another card. In this way, you won’t end up over charge.

With a prepaid cellular phone plan, there are no more hassles of using a cell phone. All you have to do is buy a cell phone unit and then purchase a prepaid card which will load your phone. The minutes of calls and the number of messages you can send depends on how much your prepaid credit is.

Though the no-hassle idea might entice you to switch to prepaid phone plans, in the long run, you’ll realize that you’ll have to pay more per-minute charge compared to the traditional plan. This is true especially if a person makes calls several times a day.

Plus, prepaid cellular phone plans have expiration date. For example, if you haven’t consumed the entire service in 30 days, the carrier will eat it up after the due date. So, it is wiser to think and weigh matters first before choosing the best cellular phone plan you want to use.

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