How Much Is Your Popcorn Worth?: Influential Schooling

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Here is the way it all began.

At some point, I noticed an attention-grabbing advertising concept. So, I despatched my subscribers an interesting question. This is what I despatched to them…

“If you happen to had to promote popcorn, how a lot would you have the ability to charge for it?

Most of us could be willing to spend around one to 2 dollars on it. And I am talking a few nice sized bag.

However, here is one thing interesting…

Film theatres cost 3 to six dollars for their popcorn! And you don’t even get nearly as a lot popcorn as you’d get elsewhere!

What is the deal? Is their popcorn “special?”

Not really. But they’re still in a position to cost 2 to 3 times greater than others and still have people buying in droves.

How are they doing it?? Should you can reply that, I’ll give you a special prize. 🙂 Just reply to this observe along with your answer. It would not need to be the fitting reply, so long as you stop to think about it.”

Inside minutes of sending the email out, the responses began pouring in.

Some have been extremely quick and to the purpose, with statements like… “As a result of they’ll” or “It is the smell” or “Because folks get hungry.”

Yes, some individuals do get hungry and have to purchase ‘something.’ But that’s not the majority of the buyers by any means. And…if they get hungry and are forced to pay the excessive costs, they principally seemingly will not wish to be caught in that situation once more, will they?

And, yes, some do buy it because they can not resist the smell. But there’s extra to it than that.

Different answers said, “It’s the right location” . “Provide and demand” . “Captive audience.”

One other answer stated…

“Monopoly! You’ll be able to’t bring anything into the theatre and as soon as you might be in, there isn’t any where else to purchase popcorn.”

That’s not necessarily an incorrect answer. However, it does make one wonder… If they corner their clients on this manner and charge them high prices, would not most clients be either outraged to not purchase, or a minimum of not purchase again, in the future?

The question that comes up is… why do they continue to buy it and pay these outrageous prices?

Another subscriber suggested…

“Folks do not go to see the films everyday. So, they’re keen to pay the high costs once per weekend.”

Certain, that’s possible. Although, I think at some point, they’d get tired of having to pay the high prices, would not you say?

They can not be paying the excessive costs simply because they ‘have to.’ It is gotta be because they ‘want to.’

However, why would they wish to, regardless of the outrageous prices? May it’s that value just is not a difficulty in this case? Hmm.

One subscriber began a discussion in his office, and sent these responses…

“Some stated it’s because it’s the only place you may get “Movie theatre” popcorn, some said because the taste or once they smell it – they must have it.

Others said as a result of they should be consuming something.

My thought is because they’ve the market trained. And, it did not start with this generation…

Mother and father introduced their youngsters to the films and either by instance or verbally educated the children to buy popcorn at the movies – It’s just what you do…”

Ahh… now we’re getting somewhere. 😉

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