Three Reasons to Invest in GPS Vehicle Tracking

For companies that rely on a fleet of vehicles to keep the business going, investing in GPS vehicle tracking may be one of the wisest business decisions you could make. A dependable GPS fleet management system allows a business to closely monitor all aspects of the transit portion of the operation. This includes where the vehicles are going, how they’re getting there, and what the drivers are doing along the way. Fleet tracking makes sense for businesses such as courier companies, freight companies, taxi services, limousine services or bus tour providers. Implementing the technology can involve time and expense, but the benefits can end up being profound for your business.

Cost – GPS fleet tracking cuts company costs in a handful of different ways. There is the obvious savings in fuel consumption as the most efficient route can always be followed to get the goods delivered, but that certainly isn’t the only one. Vehicle tracking with a carefully monitored and complete system enables you to reduce costs in several different areas, including speeding tickets, insurance premiums, vehicle maintenance, compensation claims and basic lack of productivity. The ability to monitor the speed of the vehicles helps reduce driver error that may lead to tickets or accidents that would boost insurance premiums for the fleet. Safer drivers also mean less work-related injuries and compensation claims. The cost of maintenance, which can be quite high for larger fleets, can also be slashed with fewer accidents and the ability for the company to schedule routine maintenance when the vehicles are actually in need. Many companies bring in vehicles for servicing on a timed schedule, with no knowledge of whether the vehicle really needs it at that time or not.

Control – Every business likes to maintain some element of control over their employees and ensure that they follow company policy and procedures. For a business that employs drivers, this can be quite difficult. Setting up a GPS fleet management system in your vehicles lets you track and record the whereabouts and many of the actions of your employees as they relate to your vehicles. Many drivers, and even some in business management may scoff at the “big brother” tactics of fleet tracking, but every business deserves to know if its employees are acting the way they should be. Installing GPS vehicle tracking lets you monitor your employee’s driving habits, seatbelt use, route management and whether they are using the vehicles after hours when they shouldn’t be. The boost in control that vehicle tracking offers directly relates to better driver productivity and ultimately greater profit.

Efficiency – Perhaps the main reason many companies think of using GPS tracking systems for fleet management in the first place is to improve the efficiency of their business. Some companies have literally hundreds of vehicles on the road everyday, so even the slightest time savings for each vehicle can translate into monstrous saving in overall efficiency. GPS tracking enables the company to map and direct the drivers on the quickest and safest route to reach their destination.

Greater efficiency means more satisfied customers, which benefits the company and all of the drivers in the end.

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