Zune Music Downloads: How You Can Do It

by Rashel Dan

If you’ve got yourself a Microsoft Zune player, and want to get onto getting Zune music downloads onto your player, first learn how to do it. The Zune presents a partially different way to get the music into your player and much of the content is specific to the Zune.

Movies and Music – There are all sorts of content offerings for the player. There’s Zune movies, Zune music videos, Zune software, etc. The most popular, of course, is Zune music. There are several ways that you can download the music onto your player.


The Marketplace – Since Microsoft released the Zune player, they only saw it fit to also release services of their own where customers can download all their music from. The Microsoft Zune Marketplace is one of the best sources for original music downloads.

Other Sites – There are also Pay-Per-Download sites that are similar to the Microsoft Zune Marketplace and it’s these services that allow customers to download content at a cost. Microsoft released what they call a Zune Pass and it is basically a monthly subscription to unlimited downloads from the site for about $15 a month. Other sites charge a dollar per download; so between the two services, Microsoft’s is a better solution. A 30 gigabyte Zune can hold up to 7,500 mp3s and if you pay per songs that would be spending way too much if using a pay-per-download service.

Wireless Solution

WIFI Capability – Microsoft was wise to include WIFI technology into their Zune players. With this technology, it is now possible to share content with other Zune player users. It is an effortless process to get a song copy from one Zune to another and it is also a cool way to start a small community of friends who all use Zune as their preferred mp3 player. The only drawback with this is that a shared song can only be played about 3 times before it is deleted. This feature is to help protect the rights of musicians who make the music possible.

Rip & Play

What about songs from you CD collection? You may want to translate all the songs into a format like mp3, suitable to store and play on a Zune player. The Zune music downloads can be ripped from your CDs and then to your PC. From the PC, the songs can then be transferred to your Zune.

MP3 and WMA – The two formats that can be played are mp3 or WMA. The songs can be transferred to the player via USB cable and you can use the software that is packaged with the Zune to rip the files that you would like transferred to your player.

Joining Membership Sites – The last and best solution is to join a reputable free unlimited Zune downloads membership website. There are many websites on the internet that offer Zune content. However, you need to take care in choosing the right ones. Many of these sites can be accessed with a one time membership fee. After that, you are free to download as much as you want. These are some of the ways to get Zune music downloads into your new Zune player.

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