Concerning Wiccans

You can make use of wands if you need to launch and aim energy into a specific individual, area, dimension, or to an object. There are other uses for wands in some tasks especially if its construction can tolerate that particular task, like stirring a cauldron. In a number of traditions, wands can be used to call God as well as the Goddess to enter a ritual. It is very common to find wands that are constructed using woods but there are also other materials used for making wands.

The primordial Druids have deemed woods as a sacred life form and that is the reason why they also believed that the spirit of nature is being carried out in any tools that were made out of wood. They do not recommend wood that has been cut down from a living tree to be made into wands. They are more specific on the use of a fallen wood and produce a wand from it, they believed that this is more appropriate for this can be judged as a gift that will come from divinity. There are also a number of rules in regard to the size of the wand.

A few Wiccans think wands were supposed to measure from a person’s hand up to their forearm, but in most cases, the wand’s length must be 10 inches and will stretch up to almost 3 feet to some. Several individuals prefer a much bigger wand that they can hold for the feeling of more power can be achieve from it.

It will also be enjoyable and conventional if you can use a wand that is lightweight and also compact. There are plain wands that you can avail of but there are also available wands that are also decorative and stylish. There are different types of wands that are available in the market today for you to choose from, you can have a wand that is made of sterling silver that is also adorned with gems and different kind of stones, or you can also desire for the more basic and simple looking wands that was made out of a tree branch where you can still sometimes see its bark covering it. Each one of this wand can serve you well especially if the person using the wand is comfortable with it.

The boline is another useful object that you can use. Boline is a type of knife with a white handle to make it easier for you recognize it from the black handled knife known as athame. In a lot of cases, a different curved shape is the characteristic of this blade. This knife is used for simple tasks for rituals or for preparing for it such as cutting herbs from your garden, carving candles, you can use it for cutting cords, and many other simple tasks.

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