Facts Concerning Cabinet Handles And Knobs

Cabinet knobs and handles are important pieces of hardware that are frequently taken for granted by many homeowners. Their finish, as well as their style and pattern can change the look of bathroom or kitchen cupboards. After the correct choice has been made, one must also consider the installation of the hardware. The following are some tips for those who are planning to embark upon such tasks.

Cabinet knobs can be found in numerous sizes, designs, shapes, styles and colors. Brass fixtures were one of the first types available, and are still the first choice of many homeowners. Consumers who prefer a classic or antique look in their home often select this option. Rooms that feature a rustic decor can be enhanced with wood fixtures, and those who prefer a modern, sophisticated interior design should consider glass, chrome or gem-style fixtures.

Handles, often called cabinet pulls, are also available in numerous patterns and styles. Such hardware can be flat, curved or cupped, and the style of such pieces are typically influenced by their shape. One characteristic many homeowners find advantageous about handles is how they are installed on the cabinets.

This is due to the fact that such hardware is usually screwed into the door at two different places. When such devices are installed this way they do not wear down as easily as other types of cabinet hardware. This option is more suitable for opening heavy drawers or tightly fitting cabinet doors.

When fixtures are selected for drawers or cabinets it is essential to opt for those that will coordinate well with the interior decor of the room. For example, individuals who have marble or granite back splashes or counter tops should consider fixtures that match such decor. Similarly, rooms that feature stainless steel trim and appliances are best complemented by chrome hardware.

A person may also find decorative knobs and handles appealing. These can be found in many different styles and shapes. As an example, if a person’s kitchen is decorated in a garden style, he or she should consider fixtures that are shaped like sunflowers or leaves. Similarly, a room decorated in country style will be complemented by kettle or tea cup shaped knobs.

When replacing old hardware, it is essential that one thoroughly understand the instructions and have all the necessary tools before beginning the task. It is also important not to forget hinges when embarking upon such a project. These should match the material of the new hardware for the best results. Many fixtures come with new hinges, but if not, the person who is completing the task must ensure that the appropriate ones are chosen. As an alternative, one can choose those that are designed to be entirely concealed.

New cabinet knobs will enhance the look of any area where they are placed. Individuals who have purchased such fixtures will find that they will instantly update the appearance of the room when they are installed appropriately. When the proper knob style is chosen, homeowners can look forward to a more decorative and practical bathroom or kitchen.

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