I Want to Build a Dog House – Help!

Are you lucky enough to have a yard that your dog can spend a lot of time in? Then please don’t forget that you should provide shelter for him out there. In the summer it will be hot, in the winter cold, so shelter from the elements will be much appreciated.

A dog house would very well provide shelter for your dog and would be a great idea, because it also gives your dog some space to retreat to, if he needs some alone time.

Lucky for most dog owners, building one’s dog a dog house does not take a PhD. Almost anyone with the right equipment and tools can do it. Trust me.

Alright, so are you up for it? Do you want your dog to have his very own dog house? If so, your dog can consider himself quite lucky. Of course, you should put some thought into the planning process. What exactly do you need to consider?

Alright, to start off, you will need to decide on the size of the dog house. This, of course, needs to be based on your dog’s size.

Depending on how old your dog is, he will still be growing bigger. If that is so, take this fact into consideration. Make sure to build the house based on the size he will one day be.

The length, the width, and the height are all important. Make it long and wide enough for your dog to stretch out while laying down and high enough for standing. If you do that your dog will move freely and it will be very enjoyable for him.

Another important aspect is the material you will use. I can only recommend using high quality material only.

If done right, the dog house will be useable for a long, long time, so it is worth the extra money to have it be of high quality.

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