Lower Back Pain During Period

Lower back pain during periods is lesser common than other symptoms such as breast tenderness, headaches and irritability. However, a decent percentage of women do experience lower back pain either at some point during every period or sporadically but not every month.

There are various muscles within the upper and lower back region and medical professionals believe that it is these muscles which become affected during the menstrual cycle. As the uterus sheds its lining during the menstruation process, the female body also releases hormones. One of these hormones is Prostaglandins which is also the same hormone that causes discomfort while menstruating. Thus, the hormone being released and finding its way to the back muscles is common and will often cause the muscles to ache or become tense.

Much of period pain begins within the stomach region as well, as when the Prostaglandins are released it can also cause the muscles within the abdomen to contract. Some of the lower back pain experienced during periods is a direct result of the abdominal pain shifting to another part of the body.

There are different things and preventative methods that can assist in the relief of lower back pain during periods. One of the most popularly used methods is simply taking a non-prescription medication such as Tylenol regularly right before your period and during it. This is very often the perfect and easiest remedy for lower back pain during your period. For acute back pain that makes it impossible to complete daily tasks, sometimes a doctor will write a prescription for a stronger pain reliever.

Another causation of lower back pain during periods is that we are dehydrated. Muscles need to be fluid and malleable or they become tense which adds to the amount of pain we have. Everyone should take in at least 8 glasses of water that are 8 ounces each per day to remain hydrated. But during the menstrual cycle, increasing that number will make periods less painful as well.

Athletes are infamous for applying heat to painful areas or parts of the body that become stressed and the same motto can be applied for lower back pain. When heat is applied to tense or constricting muscles, it will relax them and the pain will lessen. Lay or sit in a comfortable position and place a heating pad on the area of the back that is causing discomfort to ease the tension. You can also take a hot bath with Epsom salt to relieve discomfort and lessen the severity of muscle spasms.

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