The History Of Jack Daniels Whiskey

Jasper “Jack” Newton Daniel was just one of thirteen kids. No one knows exactly when Mr. Daniel was born, resulting from his birth records being lost in a house fire, nevertheless during the year 1875, the Jack Daniels Whiskey distillery was founded. There are claims that Jasper was just twenty years old when he became an authorized distiller. Having said that, even today, nobody knows for sure if this is true.

Unluckily, after stubbing his toe and developing an infection during 1911, Mr. Daniel died. He never wed or had any offspring, so he entrusted the distillery to his nephew, Lem Motlow. Following Motlow’s passing in 1947, the distillery was handed to his offspring.

There may have been laws opposing the manufacturing of alcohol during the early 1900’s, but this wouldn’t stop some people from continuing to produce alcohol. The company saw tough times during prohibition. However, because Motlow happened to be a state senator in Tennessee, he had influence in aiding to repeal the law. This permitted production to start again in 1938.

Daniel’s whiskey is recognized for being filtered in vats constructed from wood before being left to age. This isn’t something that is traditionally done when crafting most Bourbon whiskeys. Although technically “Straight Bourbon,” nobody seems to mind it being termed Tennessee Whiskey. The Daniel’s brand also filters distillate with sugar maple charcoal. Many claim this is one of the reasons Jack Daniel’s is among the finest of all whiskeys.

Traditionally, the Daniel’s company made their whiskey 90 proof (forty five percent alcohol by volume). The black label was, at one time, looked upon as a higher grade in comparison to the green. However, today most bottles of both labels are 80 proof. In 2011 the company created Holiday Select. Bottles with this particular label are 100 proof. Currently the highest proof the brand has ever made.

To find out more about how to make whiskey, how to distill and the equipment and techniques used, Google “How To Make Whiskey”. There are numerous resources that will help you find whiskey mash recipes, a step-by-step approach for making whiskey at home and much more.

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