Why Are Breasts Sore During My Period?

Many women complain of breast tenderness that often occurs during their periods. Periods and tenderness of breasts is common and the level of discomfort experienced will differ from woman to woman. Usually the tenderness of the breast will begin a week or so before the menstrual cycle starts and will then lessen as the period reaches the end of its cycle.

Within the breasts of a woman there is a lot of tissue and follicles that can become enlarged or bumpy and this is most evident when the menstrual cycle begins or right before it is about to start. Particularly in the regions where the tissue is pronounced, a woman may notice that the bumps are more prominent and that the breasts feel full and much heavier than usual.

The level of estrogen that is naturally produced in a woman’s body automatically increases during periods and is at its highest about mid-cycle of menstruation. When estrogen is released it will cause an increase in size to the breast ducts which is one of the reasons the breasts appear and feel fuller. Right before the onset of the menstrual cycle another hormone called progesterone is also released and this delivers milk to the milk glands. That too can contribute to breast tenderness and soreness.

Almost all women who have their periods will have to deal with breast tenderness to some degree. Some women report having mild tenderness that is easily managed; others have to contend with severe pain that may impact their daily activities. It is not unusual for women who are of childbearing age to feel the pain more acutely and it is also reoccurring in women who have already had a child.

Although breast tenderness is common and uncomfortable, it typically only lasts until mid-cycle when the estrogen level is at its peak. Once the levels begin to become more controlled and regulated, the level of tenderness will decline and normal activities can resume. It is also common that the tenderness pain for the most part will subside a day or two after menstruation starts.

If you notice that your breast tenderness is severe consider purchasing a well structured bra with larger straps. This will keep the breasts next to the body and ensure that they don’t have a lot of movement. Most of the pain can be monitored and kept to a minimum if the breasts rest near the body.

Many women have also found that if they drink less caffeine and increase the amount of water that they drink are also helpful with easing the discomfort of breast tenderness. Additionally, watch and limit the amount of salt that is in foods and drinks as this helps balance the estrogen levels.

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