With Expert Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia Homes Can Remain Fresh And Clean

Most home owners are proud of their dwellings and do whatever they can to maintain them, clean them and improve them. Even the tidiest and cleanest homes can look tatty, however, if the floor coverings are in poor shape or dirty. Cleaning the floors is normally a big undertaking because all the furniture needs to be moved. Therefore, when it comes to carpet cleaning Philadelphia home owners are better off hiring professionals to do the job.

A lot of people clean their own carpeting, especially since most modern vacuum cleaners are supplied with the attachments necessary to do so. The facts are that these domestic cleaners are normally not up to the job. In addition, home owners often buy detergents that can harm their carpeting. To make things worse, the end result is all too often carpeting that is not clean at all and that requires days to dry.

Professional cleaners know that different types of carpeting require different types of detergent and cleaning processes. Using the correct chemicals and a suitable process can prevent damage such as fading and fraying. Professionals use special equipment that provide much better results than domestic machines and they are experienced in moving furniture without causing damage. They also know how to deal with particularly tough stains.

Most carpeting manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best way to clean this type of floor covering. During this process, the carpeting is first treated with a preconditioning agent to loosen the dirt. After the area is agitated with a brush, very hot water with cleaning chemicals added is sprayed on the carpeting and then vacuumed immediately. The dirt is vacuumed with the hot water. This process require a drying period of a few hours.

More and more people prefer a dry process, mainly because very little moisture is used and the floor is ready for use in a very short time. The process is much quicker than hot water extraction and the likelihood of damage to the carpeting is much reduced. Once again a pre conditioner is used, followed by brushing and a short waiting period. The carpeting is then vacuumed. This process is more expensive than most other methods.

The latest development in the field of keeping carpeting clean is the encapsulation process. The carpet is treated with special polymers that are applied with a fine mist. These polymers are specially designed to encapsulate dirt particles. Once this is done the resultant crystalline structures are removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The floor is available for use instantly.

Carpeting is expensive and care should be taken when hiring professionals to clean it. They should be able to provide references and they should submit a written quotation that specifies the exact nature of the work that will be carried out and the process that will be used. Clients should be wary of cleaners that ask them to sign some form of disclaimer of responsibly for damage and unexpected results.

Carpeting takes a lot of punishment and it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Treating this as a DIY task can be a very big mistake. Fading can occur and the glue and backing of the carpeting van become undone. This may even necessitate the replacement of the floor covering.

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