Sports Bras Are Critical For Active Lifestyles

by Tiffany Hart

The modern bra is often used to amplify a particular look. If you have an active lifestyle full of sports, it should also play a critical role in providing you with plenty of support. If it does not, you can do a lot of damage.

You undoubtedly have a collection of different bras. There better be a few sports bras and you should be wearing them when being active. Tests have revealed breasts can bounce up to 8 inches up and down when just jogging. That is a lot of wear and tear.

If anything, Americans do not get enough exercise. If you are being active, it is a good thing. That being said, you must protect yourself. You would not jog on a hot road without shoes, so do not do the same without a sports bra.

Your girls are delicate when it comes to support. Think about how they are supported. The primary mechanism is not muscle, but ligament. Ligament stretches, which should be all I really have to say. Picture yourself 10 years down the line.

I will be honest. The average sports bra is not going to set the world on fire from a fashion point of view. In truth, you really should not care. Play hard and party hard, but do them different. Sports bras are for playing hard and seductive bras are for the remainder of the day.

Whether you had large or small breasts, you were pretty much restricted to one type of sports bra for the longest of times. This was known as the compression sports bra. The encapsulate sports bra, however, has recently changed things up.

The compression bra is the time tested answer for most women. As the name suggests, it works by compressing the breast against the chest. This effectively works to eliminate the bouncing of the breast, but does tend to flatten the chest.

The compression sports bra has not always worked well for well endowed women. The newer encapsulation bra was designed as an alternative. It works by providing maximum cup support to each breast, but lets them move independently for less of a smushed feeling.

So, which is the best sports bra for you? Well, it depends on comfort of course. In general, compression sports bras are better for women with A and B cups. For larger breasted women, the encapsulation sports bra is worth a try.

Getting plenty of exercise is good for you and a noble goal. That being said, it also makes sense to protect yourself. This means wearing a sports bra when being active. If you do not, you will regret it a few years down the line.

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