What are the Factors Affecting Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal?

by Sandra Wilson

There are many factors which will need to be taken into consideration by a woman after tubal reversal surgery has been carried out and she is looking to conceive. Certainly for some women once the procedure has been done, they find they become pregnant quite quickly afterwards, but for others it will take some time. There are a number of different factors a woman will need to consider in relation to her pregnancy after tubal reversal actually being successful.

Probably the first thing to consider when considering getting pregnant whether having had your tubes tied or not has to do with age. Even if a woman has not undergone a tubal ligation, the older she is the more likely it will be that she will have a problem conceiving. This is just a fact of life, though you will have heard of some women getting pregnant at what some would consider an advanced age. It just boils down to the younger you are when having your tubal reversal surgery, the higher the probability of getting pregnant after tubal reversal is done.

A twenty-something woman will find her chances of conceiving after tubal reversal is about 77%. As you get older the probability drops as we stated before. A female that is between thirty-five and thirty-nine finds the probability falls to 62%. For a woman over forty, the conception rate falls even further to 34%.

Now the next thing that affects your getting pregnant after tubal reversal is what happened in your original tubal ligation surgery. Did that surgeon take too much of the fallopian tubes when he did his cutting and what condition were the tubes left in. The longer the tubes were and the better condition they are in when you undergo your reversal surgery the better your chances of getting pregnant. Even at that, some women just take more time. One woman can get pregnant almost seemingly immediately while another can take five years plus. But another factor is the length of the tubes and the condition they are in.

How long since the tubal ligation surgery was carried out? – Unfortunately the longer a woman waits in order to get her tubal ligation procedure reversed will greatly reduce her chances of being able to conceive easily. This is because the longer they wait the more damage will have been caused to their fallopian tubes, which in turn reduces the chances of the operation actually being successful.

Is Tubal Reversal a better option than IVF? – In a number of studies that have been carried out over the years relating to this matter, many women have found that having tubal reversal surgery rather than under going IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment has been more successful.

Speaking of studies,there is one study that was conducted by a renown reversal center, Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, http://www.tubal-reversal.net, that showed that there was a higher number of conceptions in women who have the tubal reversal surgery versus women who underwent the IVF treatments. Even better was that the number of children actually born was higher for the women who had the surgery versus the women who did the IVF. When you consider that the surgery generally takes, for Chapel Hill, one hour and is done on an outpatient basis, this lowers the cost compared to IVF. Most women undergoing IVF will have to do it over and over again at a goodly sum each time.

By taking into consideration the factors above a woman will be able to make a more informed decision as to whether this type of procedure is right for her or not. It is important to remember however that pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery may not always happen immediately and it will take time before a woman is able to conceive.

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