What it Takes To Make it Through Laser Hair Removal Training

by Jeff Glasser

It may be a well acknowledged fact that just anyone can purchase a laser, not only those in the medical profession, and various laser companies only require buyers to experience as little as a three-hour course in order to purchase their laser products. Because laser hair removal isn’t something to be taken lightly, as you can imagine to any experienced laser technician this is an alarming thing. It should simply be performed only by people who have completed an accredited laser hair removal training.

Although, beginning a career in laser hair removal can feel like an overwhelming task at first, there are laser hair removal training classes that are available all across the nation. Seeing as the popularity of laser hair removal only continues to grow, becoming a laser removal technician would be a promising career.

What Knowledge Do you Acquire From the Classes?

The classes provide physicians, nurses, medical assistants, electrologists, and aestheticians with detailed knowledge of the theoretical and the practical views of laser hair removal. As you attended classes you can expect to learn the basic biology of hair and its growth cycles, types of medical hair removal lasers, which lasers achieve the best laser hair removal, laser parameters and the effects they have, basic laser physics, laser tissue interaction, how to skin type, concerns with smoke evacuation, contraindications to treatment, issues concerning laser safety for the patient and operator, and how to successfully market your laser hair removal business.

Besides the three-hour laser course you will receive from the laser company, the majority of laser hair removal training programs will offer you a hands-on training experience as a component of their course. After all, anyone can sit and take in the theory of lasers, how they work, take notes, and pass the quizzes, but seeing as how experience is a very strong selling point to customers, because of safety precautions, the only way to properly undergo laser hair removal training is to have hands on experience.

The length of the courses is dependent upon the school you go to and what you wish to achieve from the training. They range from 150-750 hours of course training. To get the idea of a laser technician’s daily routine, most laser hair removal training centers allow you to shadow a laser technician for a week after you complete your training classes. You will experience setting the laser parameters, which are wavelength, chromophore, pulse duration, repetition rate, spot size, energy setting, and pre & post skincare, to suit any person’s individual needs. Also, you will be allowed to administer treatment to patients.

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