Better Writing in 4 Easy Steps

Try these 4 tips for better writing – model others, experiment, practice and seek feedback. After trying these simple ways to improve your writing today, you will be surprised by the style you develop and the results you create!

The first tip is to practice. Maybe a little obvious, but it can never be overstated. Many people think they can just dive into writing head first, and have their first piece of writing published as a best-selling novel. The more you practice, the better you become, and the more other people will feel your writing is professional and worth reading.

Next, you should model others. When there are so many successful authors out there for you to learn from, why should you re-invent the wheel? Learn to read prolifically and avidly, and read with a critical eye. This way you will learn new skills as you figure out what works and what doesn’t, and develop your own natural style.

The third tip is to experiment as much as you can. This can’t be emphasized enough. The more you experiment with different styles and techniques, the more you will work out your own repertoire of things that suits you. You want to become comfortable in your own writing skin, and develop something that is somewhat unique.

The last tip is to seek constructive feedback. If you seek out feedback from peers you will get an idea of what a publisher or reader would think of your work. You open yourself up to growth and development when you take on board the things they tell you. Be careful however, to choose people who will provide feedback constructively, not in an insulting manner.

It is important to act on this feedback however. There is no point in seeking it if you do nothing with it. Make the changes that need to be made to your novel so you can move forward and continue to progress. Putting these things into action will see your writing become polished and professional.

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