Where is your Inspiration when you Need it?

You know you have a story inside you which you are totally capable of writing. But everytime you sit at your pc, or the blank page, your motivation runs dry. Where are those concepts that came flashing into your head today when you were in the elevator, or on the bus?

Time is ticking by and you find out that if you do not act now you will certainly never get this tale written and it will be just another one of your pipe dreams. So how can you get the inspiration you need when you need it?

First of all, due to the fact that you know that motivation could strike at any time, it is necessary to have a pen and paper with you at all times. If this is impossible for whatever reason, as a minimum download a notepad application to your phone that you can record notes into throughout the day.

When you get a possibility play with your ideas. Take your notes and play ‘what if’, coming up with as many different senarios as you can within a five minute time limit. When you place the limit on yourself your brain pumps out even more info under the pressure.

Cut pictures from magazines on your commute, or doodle random pictures while you’re on a phone conversation. Download pictures and article headings from your computer, and play with the concepts. One concept will certainly always lead to another, and tales will certainly begin to form in your mind.

Armed with all these snipets of inspiration, all you have to do is reserve an optimal time to sit down and compose each day. Not at 5am when you do not wish to get out of bed, however a time where you feel you will be operating well, and able to place a few of your ideas into action. With your scheduled time, and your blossoming concepts, you will be shocked by the flow of inspiration that will start to flow through you throughout your writing sessions.

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