An Overview of Freelance Copywriting

by Ray Edwards

The Internet has opened up a lot of doors for freelance copywriting. If you’re a copywriter and you want to make more money, freelance copywriting is a great path to pursue. Aside from freeing you from all the restrictions of a full time job, freelance copywriting will also enable you to work as hard as and as long as you want.

A copywriter must have certain skills in order to be successful. You must know your audience, what medians are most effective, and you must be able to write something that motivates your reader into buying a product. In order to improve their skills, many copywriters take time to attend workshops, seminars, and conduct research into their respective markets.

Being a freelance copywriter opens up a lot of opportunities. Some of the most profitable fields are in the world of commerce, web marketing, publishing houses, online services, advertising companies, direct response ad campaigns, and many others. Freelance copywriters are hired to write sales materials in order to help companies effectively sell their products.


Along with giving you freedom to choose your projects, a freelance copywriter can handpick jobs that are within the bounds of their talents and skills. Most experts agree that if you are a copywriter, freelance work is preferable to employment because you’re your own boss.

You must give your potential clients what they want in a creative and effective manner. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance copywriter then here are some quick tips that can help you become more successful:

1. Set your goals. Before jumping on the freelancing bandwagon, make sure to set some goals so that you know what you really want. Try do develop a business plan and figure out what your skills are.

2. Develop a good portfolio and presentation. Your portfolio will be the first thing anyone sees as they consider hiring you. Make sure to include your best work and any testimonials you may have from past clients. Make sure your portfolio is organized, clear, and professional.

3. You should also create a website. A website gives possible clients the ability to see your portfolio easily. Also, since they have something tangible to examine while considering your bid, they will feel more comfortable hiring you. Lastly, a website gives you an edge over your competition. Oddly, many copywriters do not have a website and therefore having one gives you an advantage. When a company is examining bids they are more likely to choose someone with a website then someone who does not.

4. Try to build good working relationships with your clients. Working online means that you only conduct business virtually and not face-to-face. This can make it difficult to cultivate good working relationships, so you need to work harder at getting to know your clients. The more a company knows you, the more likely they are to hire you again in the future instead of going through a bunch of anonymous bids.

Therefore, if you live near your client, let them know that they could meet with you personally if they like. Make sure that they know they can contact you at anytime as well. This makes yourself personable, which is good because the more you seem like a real person to your client, the greater your success.

5. Educate your clients. Listen to what your clients want, but don’t let them dictate your end product. You are an expert in writing copy and they are not. Their ideas may hinder the sales of their product. So teach them about what works, what doesn’t work and why. Don’t be rude, but gently explain why you think your ideas may sell their product more effectively.

These are just a few pointers designed to show you how to become a successful freelance copywriter. Hopefully you found this article helpful and informative. Freelance copywriting allows you to be your own boss and determine your own schedule. Freelance copywriting is a very rewarding and flexible job.

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