Becoming a Freelance Copywriting

by Ray Edwards

Copywriting covers a wide range of media like television, radio, magazines, brochures, direct mail, and others. In fact, every word in a brochure, advertisement, website and leaflet was most likely written by a copywriter. Before, copywriters were restricted to in-house or marketing/PR firms, but now there are many independent freelance copywriters that offer their own services.

Freelance copywriting can be a stressful but rewarding job. Just like all freelancing occupations, freelance copywriting means that you will have to sell yourself, your ability at meeting a deadline, as well as your ability to write well-made copy.

Freelance copywriting allows you to choose your projects and what areas of the market you work. A good copywriter sells their product effectively by researching their target audience and learning how to best sell their product.

Besides knowing your audience, you must also need to write creative copy. This will help make your client happy and sell your product.


Just as there are many different markets in the world today, there are many different copywriters. Some copywriters specialize to a small market like direct mail ad copy, while others are more general and write for many different areas of the market.

Freelance copywriters are expected to write well-made and different kinds of copy. Despite the demanding work, freelance copywriting can be fun and lucrative if you have the drive to succeed along with the skill to create effective copy.

Besides earning a good income, freelance copywriting also allows you to work from any place that has an Internet connection. If you want to become a freelance copywriter, here are some tips to help increase your likelihood of success:

1. Get educated. If you want to enter the world of freelance copywriting, look into some online copywriting tutorials. The Internet holds a lot of information that can help you learn more about copywriting. Just search for “copywriting tutorials” and look around, you are bound to find something that can help you improve your copy.

2. Do some free projects. If you lack experience as a copywriter then you should do some work for free. This will give you some practice and experience before you begin writing for hire. These projects can then serve as samples of your work when you market yourself to clients as a freelance copywriter.

3. Pursue some coaching courses. Many successful freelance copywriters lead coaching courses that teach you how to write better copy, market yourself, and a lot about the freelance copywriting world. This way a successful copywriter can guide you through some valuable knowledge and first hand experience as a freelance copywriter.

4. Search for work constantly. Since the copywriting market is booming, there is a lot of competition between freelance copywriters. This means you need to be looking for new arenas of work constantly. Check your newspaper about new businesses and advertising agencies that may need your services.

5. Make sure to have a website. Having a website can give you an edge over your competition because many copywriters do not have one. Make sure your site is neat, professional and has some of your best work posted on it. This way potential clients can examine your work as they consider hiring you.

These were just a few ideas on how to enter the field of freelance copywriting. Hopefully you found them helpful. Freelance copywriting is very rewarding and flexible because you can customize your work around your life. Make sure to learn more about freelance copywriting if you’re interested in pursuing it as a career.

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