Copywriting Radio Ads

by Ray Edwards

Copywriting is essentially the same in all markets, you must only modify your approach depending on your audience and delivery median. This article will discuss briefly how to tap into the highly effective radio market.

One of the first things you should do is research your target audience. This is an extremely important step no matter what kind of copywriting you’re doing; if you fail to understand how to motivate your audience, then you will also fail to sell your product.

You should also talk to the particular station that’s going to run you ad. They should be able to tell you what kind of people listen to their station, which will help you tailor your ad to this stations and help you determine which stations are best suited to advertise your product.

You must also learn how to write more concisely than if you were writing a sales letter. You will only have a short window in which to advertise your product, so you must be efficient with your time.

You can also listen the commercials your competitors are running. Since radio stations target a specific demographic, commercials that play over and over are probably very successful and can give you clues about how to pattern your ad. It?s a good idea to follow what you’re hearing because it probably works.

Here are a few quick tips on how to write a good radio commercial. Make sure to tell a story and not just list a bunch of facts; stories keep people’s attention where as lists do not. If you’re selling a technical product, use technical jargon early on in your ad in order to alert your listeners and cause them to listen to the whole ad instead of just part of it. Testimonials are also very powerful in radio commercials, so try to include them if you can.

Hopefully this article helped you learn more about writing radio commercials. Listen to different stations to hear what works and continue to learn more about your target audience in order to better motivate them. And since you only a short amount of time, remember to be clear and concise with your ad.

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