How to become a Freelance Copywriter

by Ray Edwards

Communications have changed dramatically within the last few decades due of the Internet. Besides housing an untold amount of information, it has created new opportunities for business as well.

One such business is copywriting. Today, more and more copywriters are looking into Internet freelancing because of the freedom and flexibility it offers.

Freelance copywriters have an independent spirit combined with a desire to succeed. Mixing their own vision with proven copywriting techniques, copywriters now look to freelancing in order to have the creative independence they desire. Copywriters are freelancing their services because they can have more assignments, projects and opportunities to make money over their current positions.

A copywriter makes the written content of an advertisement. Copywriters create everything from television ads to newspaper cut outs and Internet sales letters. Freelance copywriters work from project-to-project and for many different kinds of clients. They can choose which projects they accept and structure their work around their lives. There are many advantages to becoming a freelance copywriter.

You will need some expertise and an Internet connection in order to succeed as a freelance Internet copywriter. Since there is always something to learn about advertising, you should continuously educate yourself. Use online tutorials and coaching courses to help you learn more about freelance copywriting. You should also write everyday and read books from the experts, this will help you greatly improve the quality of your copy.

A copywriter must know how to sell their client’s products. In order to do that you need to do some research on your client’s product and target audience. Find out what motivates them and the most effective median for reaching them. Doing research and writing creatively are critical to producing successful copy.

Before becoming a freelance copywriter you need to determine what market in which you would like to write. Some copywriters are very broad in their client base and work in a variety of fields. Others specialize into one niche, like writing web content, and gain a high level of expertise in their field. At the same time, you must be able to make your client happy, so you’re going to have to be somewhat flexible, no matter how specialized you become. These are a few tips on how to create a strong freelancing career:

1. Network. Create strong networks within your field by attending seminars and interacting with other freelance copywriters, exhibitors, guest speakers, and the like. Keep an eye on your local paper and take note of any new businesses that may need your services. You can also join you local chamber of commerce and make connections with other local businesses.

2. Build a Portfolio. Your portfolio will give potential clients a chance to see a preview of your work. It also helps build their confidence about hiring you. Include samples of your best work and testimonials from previous clients. Your portfolio needs to be neat and professional in order to be effective.

3. Use Proven Sales Techniques. A freelance copywriter needs to be able to employ a set of developed and proven advertising techniques. This will give you an advantage over other copywriters.

These were a few helpful pointers on becoming a freelance copywriter. Hopefully you found this article illuminating. Freelance copywriting can be a very rewarding career, so you should do some more research if it interests you.

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