Some Freelance Copywriting Pointers

by Ray Edwards

Copywriters are investigating freelance copywriting more and more these days because of the benefits freelancing has to offer. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance copywriter, then here are some basics on freelancing:

1. Know when to say “NO.” If you’re a freelance copywriter, one of the first things you need to learn is when to say “no.” You are the advertising expert and your client is not. You need to be able to say “no” when your clients give you bad suggestions.

If your client is persistent, then you also need to know how to compromise. Managing persistent clients will help make your work environment more successful and harmonious. But there will always be clients who are not willing to compromise, so you must know how to get out of bad situations. They are not worth the money or trouble.

2. You need to be polite, persistent, and professional. Communicate professionally with your clients. Listen to clients closely, and be persistent if you must. Persistently pursue a project or your stance on how a product should be advertised. These qualities will help make you a more successful copywriter.

3. Make sure you are constantly increasing your skill and expertise. Learning is a never-ending process. As a freelance copywriter, you must always be learning how to write better copy. There is plenty of material out there, and one could spend their entire life studying the field. Successful copywriters see themselves as life-long students.

4. Make sure to relax. Escaping one hectic job for another will not help you that much. So make sure to take time and relax. This will also improve the quality of your product; a relaxed freelancer will produce higher quality work than one who is constantly stressed.

5. Learn to have fun in hard situations. In order to be successful you must love your work. If you let the stress of your work consume you, then you will eventually hate your job. So learn how to have fun when the going gets rough, it will help save your career.

6. Make your personal life a top priority. You will need a personal life to fall back upon when you’re stressed, so make sure to nurture your personal life.

7. Be honest and ethical. Make sure that you can keep the promises you make. If you can’t deliver what you’re client wants, then be honest and tell them the truth. Never compromise on agreements and conduct ethical business arrangements.

8. Be a good business-person. Since a freelance copywriter runs their own business, you must make sure you know how to run a business effectively. Read-up on owning your own business and make sure that you know your rights.

Be aware of the most recent tax reforms, laws, and ethical standards. Update yourself with the current pricing guidelines, effective negotiation skills, and records maintenance.

9. Never take a rejection personally. Always maintain a sense of professionalism by not taking rejection or criticisms to heart.

10. Do not miss deadlines. Being your own boss doesn’t mean that you can miss deadlines. Missing your deadlines will keep you from gaining any sort of success as a freelance copywriter.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. There is plenty of information on the Internet on being a freelance copywriter if you’re interested in learning more. Freelance copywriting can be a very rewarding career, so good luck learning more about it.

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